This is a closed group for members of the Santa Susana Railroad Historical Society, a group of avid model railroaders and railfans in Southern California's Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. For further details on the Club and joining, please see:
All our members are also members of the Rancho Simi Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of our 1903 Southern Pacific Model #22 depot.

The Club is a 100% DCC club, mostly Digitrax and loosely models the Southern Pacific Coast line on a 50 x 30' layout. Members' expertise ranges from pure novice through NMRA DCC Working group charter member and deputy.

As this is a CLOSED list. Club membership is available on both an active and associate status. New members are always welcome !

Additionally, if you're not a Club member but are considering DCC feel free to go to the Club's public web site or, perhaps more usefully, drop by the Club on an operating day (any Sun, most Sat, see web site) and we'd be more than happy to help you with DCC questions. If it's not too busy, you may even be able to give DCC a try and operate a train !

If you are a club member, just subscribe to the list as you would any other Yahoo!Groups list. If you are not a club member, you MUST apply to join the club itself before bothering to try to join this list. This group is only open to Current, Associate, Probationary and Honorary members.

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